Monday, 8 February 2016

Best propose day images

All of us are aware of what is propose day all about. We all are planning to tell our crush our love feelings. But all we want some courage and strength to express our love to the girl or boy on which we have crush on. It's really important to know that how to do this as I told in my propose day ideas but it's better to send propose day images even. You all know that images says a lot. Because it really makes us feel more real. Sending a propose day images can make anyone's day. Because it's good to feel the feeling of other through images. Suppose you are sleeping and you got a proposal through image in which a beautiful message is there. Either you will say yes or no. But for sure you will like it. Cause human being all are the same in this. So it's always best to put your message in a image so that if your girl will reply you back in image you will feel more good. So girls and boys I am going to help you today in finding some good propose day images so that you all will feel helped and can dedicate these images with your special ones.

Best propose day images

So friends I am going to share some best propose day images here.

Hope you all liked these Images. And will share these with your special girl or boy whom you want to. Hope you do well this day and can impress your love every way. Hope to hear from you all. Write us for your queries in comment section. Share your proposing stories with us. God bless you all.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Best propose day whatsapp dp and Facebook cover photos

Propose day is here. We all did lot of preparation to impress our loved ones.  All we Want to impress our love so as we all know its a technology world and we all want to impress our girlfriend and boyfriend on Facebook and Whatsapp. So that we dedicate it and can give them special feel. Love happen once in life. We all know that if our love is with us we will feel very good. So friends for all you I am gonna share best propose day whatsapp dp and Facebook cover with you all so that you will be feel so good. So to make you all happy and vibrant I know what you all need. 

When your girl open her Whatsapp in the morning she can see your Whatsapp DP dedicated to her. And can see your feelings on it. Same with Facebook. As we all love technology so when your boyfriend open Facebook he can see the changed cover photo dedicated to him.  So friends it's really good to share put best propose Whatsapp DP and Facebook cover for your girlfriend or boyfriend. So that they can feel that you don't miss the chance to impress them. So for that you must be needed some best images so that they can place that and can impress with that. So I decided to help you all guys. By sharing some good images. Hope you all will love And share With your love To impress them.

Best propose day whatsapp dp

So friends here I am going to share best propose day Whatsapp DP and Facebook cover:

facebook cover pic propose day

facebook cover pic propose day

facebook cover pic propose day

facebook cover pic propose day

facebook cover pic propose day

whatsapp dp pic propose day

whatsapp dp propose day

facebook cover pic propose day

Hope you all will like these propose day Whatsapp DP. I hope you all you to enjoy and share these on your social profile. Write us for your queries. Enjoy this day fullest. And share your experiences we would love to hear from you.

100 best propose day status and messages for whatsapp an facebook

Hello all my dear friends,  as you all must be excited to know best things around the world. So as its propose day we all need status and messages. So friends here I am going to share 100 best propose daystatus and messages for Whatsapp and Facebook for you all so that it will made your propose day more good. Choose this day to tell your love that you feel so great about them. It's a best day to express.

propose day status and messages for whatsapp an facebook

So friends here I am going to share 100 best propose day status and messages for Whatsapp an facebook:

1. East or west you are the best. I find you so lovely. Stay mine always. Happy propose day.

2. You give me the reason to smile. I love you baby. Let's be together forever.

3. You and I are the perfect couple. I love you. Happy propose day.

5. When I wake up I see you. When I sleep I feel you. You are my strength. I love you.

6. You are my every reason for smile. I love you.

7. Take deep Breath and smile because when you smile I feel good.  I love you.

8. My heart repeat your name every day every time. I love you a lot. Happy propose day.

9. When i was child I dreamed a girl. You are the same.  I love you. Happy propose day.

10. You will be my first and last wish for the rest of my life.

11. I wish I could keep all your favourite together at one place.
       So that you can look and smile everyday. I love you.

12. You know you look stunning baby.
       You are more than beautiful.
       I love you.

13. The most beautiful thing in my life is you.
      I can't live without you.
      I get every reason when I see you
      To live.
      I love you.

14. You are my only hope and wish
       Which I think of.
      I love you baby. 

15. I don't know why
And how much I love you.
Happy propose day janu!

16. You are close to me,
   My existence is not exist,
   If you are not there.
  I love you.

17. You are my sweetheart
     Sweet reason
     Beautiful girl
     I met so far.
    I love you shona.

18. I love you
       I love you from the core of my heart.
        Just stay mine forever.
       Happy propose day.

19. The Beauty of my life is you.
       Just make my life beautiful ad you are.
        I love you.

20. Love was just a word until
      I met you. 
      I love you.

21. I am not a perfect person
     But I feel perfect when I  am with you.
      I love you honey

22. The best thing of my life is you.
       I don't know what I would do without you.
      I love you.

23. The reason I smile every day is you.
    I just wanted to know that do you love me the same I do.
    I love you.

25. My money is you
      My life is you.
       My whole world is you.
      I love you baby.

26. The reason why I love you
        You are the best thing ever happened to me.
        I love you sweetheart.

27. Sweet person
      Innocent person
      All the definition of my life.
     Start with you ends with you.
     I love you baby.

28. I love you
       I can't live without you for a second 
       I love you like hell.
       Happy propose day babu

29. My dream came true
      When I saw you first time.
    I love you.

30. Now a days a don't live alone,
      Cause I find every time myself with you.
     I love you.

31. My heart beat faster when I see you
     I am waiting for you say yes
    And be mine
I love you.

32. One day you will miss me
     Cause I am the antique piece
     Who loves you deeply madly
    I love you.

33. You have stolen my heart
     Now I can't sleep in night.
     Cause I dream of you.
    I love you.

34. When you wear pink color
   You look fabulous.
   Just be mine.
    I love you.

35. When you came in my life
      I knew you will be here in my life
     Forever and ever
    I love you.

36. You are most handsome person I met so far,
     Just love me the way you do ever and forever.
    I love you.

37. Life looks more colourful when I see you with me.
      I think when you are here with Me
     I am complete. I love you my shona.

38. My Love for you is not over night stand.
      I love you very much
    My life is bright when you are here.

39. All world's look fake when I see your face
    I find you most lovable and honest person.
I love you.

40. I don't find peace anywhere
      I feel you the most peaceful person in my life.
     I love you.

41. I want to grow old with you.
     Please accept me.
     And be mine.
     I love you

42. You are my reason for being me.
       Just give me reason to live
       I love you.

43. When something goes wrong
       when I ll be in problem
       Please give me support
      At that time.
     I love you baby
      Stay mine forever.

44. The best thing in life can be so beautiful and innocent person.
       And I found that person in you.
       I love you.

45. I will love you forever in my life.
       I will love you for the rest of my life.
      I love you shona.

46. This life is of you
        I will spend my whole life with you.
        I love you.

47. I  am so close to you.
        I am very happy to have you.
    I love you.

48. The best ones stays always in mind
        My best thing is you.
       I love you.

49. I see god in you.
      I see my life in you.
      I love you

50. Life is beautiful when you are with me.
       I love you my life.
      Happy propose day

51. I can't live without you
        For a second
       I love you baby.

52. I love you
       I love your eyes
       I love your everything
        I will love you forever

53. My Love is for you is like
       I Starts with you
       Ends on you
        I love you

54. Each time I think of you
       I think I am deeply madly in love with you.

55. My heart goes on
      when I see you
      I love you a lot baby

56. I love you baby
      I love you a lot

57. Real reason of my smile is you
       Hope to see you soon in my life
      I love you.

58. I know I love you more than anything.
      More than this world breath everyday.

59. My Love
      My Love story starts with you
      Ends with you.
      I love you.

60.  My dairy milk
        My sweet friend
       I love you
        Stay mine forever.

61. This  time I know that you are my beautiful teddy
       which I want to bear every day.
       I love you.

62. You are my rashogulla
        My kurkure
        My sweet
        My everything
       I love you

63. My Love, my life.
        I love you baby.

64. My sweet mistake
      Which I can bear my whole life.
     I love you

65. Even when I saw you I knew
      I will make you mine one day
   I love you.

66. I love you baby Stay mine forever
        And I ll make your life beautiful.
        Happy propose day

67. The reason I know I am living is only you.
      I love you.

68. I love you baby
       I will do for the rest of my life.

69. The moment I saw you.
         I Knew I am gonna make you my girlfriend.
         I love you.

70. My barbie, My life. 
       I love you.

71. I heard god is there
      When I saw I you
      I came to know
      He must be like you.
      I love you beautiful

72. My  life drug
      My number one
      I love you
      Be mine forever

73. Beauty is you.
       Simple is you.
        My life is you.
        I love you

74. Right  person of my life
     I am a beautiful person
  You made me more beautiful
   I love you.

75. Your smile is killing
     You glow like sun
     I love you.

76. My vanilla icecream
      My chocolate cake
      You are the colour of my face
     I love you

77. You came in my life
     Like a happiness of my life
     I love you.

78. The reason I am alive
    Is only you
    I love you

79. Your face is as beautiful as a rose
      Even your heart
     I love you

80. Your beauty is as classy as liberty of statue
     I love you baby

81. I heard god is beautiful
   When I see you
  I feel he must be like you.
   I love you.

82. I will spend my whole life with you
      Just be mine I love you baby

83. You are so beautiful
      You are so grateful
I love you gorgeous.

84. What is your favorite food
    I will make you eat every day that
   to make you smile
  I love you

85. You are my only hope because of I am alive
      I love you very much

86. I have never seen a wonderful person like you.
     You are amazing
    I love you.

87. When you are not with me
     Still you stay with me in my heart
    I love you

88. I have always loved you.
     I love you so much
     Stay mine

89. My barbie doll
       My wonderful gift
      I love you baby

90. I know there is a strong connection between me and you.
       I love you.
     Never leave me.

91. I know we met because
     Our love will last forever.
     I love you never leave me

92. When you came in my life my life turned beautiful
     Stay forever to making me better forever
     I love you

93.  I know that you love me
    Will love me forever
    I love you

94.  Beauty is more beautiful when it sees you
     I am lucky to have you.
   I love you.

95. I am barbie girl
     You are my wonderful boy
    We are made for each other
    I love you

96. You take my heart
     I will take your
    We will be together forever
   I love you

97. Nothing feels better
     The feel I get from you
    I love you.

98. I know you will raise me every day
    I love you and will love you forever.

99. I grow up every day beautiful
     When I am with you
     I love you

100. Baby you are my love
      You are my life
     I am lucky to have you
    I love you baby.

So guys share these propose day messages and status on Facebook and whatsapp. And even tell your love that how much you love them. And make them feel special.


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