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Happy propose day 2016, propose day date

Propose day occurs at the second day of valentines week. So propose day date happens on 8 Feb every year.  so people who have crush on a girl or boy. They decide to propose on this day. When it's about telling our feelings to a girl or a boy its quite hard to express thier feelings. But yes! Guys you all should collect your courage to speak your heart on propose day. And tell to the girl or a boy whom you want to be with you. But yes! You can tell your loved one like mother,  father,  brother your friends even your best friend that happy propose day or I love you to make them feel  special. So friends lets come to the our love topic.  So you must be thinking this time that how propose your special girl boy or boy on this propose day. 

propose day

Don't worry we will do this for you on this happy propose day. To make you happy and to fill your day with happiness. So propose day date is near. When will you plan for it. My advice to decide early and well. Just buy some gift which you think he or she can like when you will speak your heart on this day. I will tell you what to gift on this day. So just get ready to blow the world around.
Here i will tell you how to propose on happy propose day or propose day date.


Propose day date: 8 Feb

Propose day is the second day of Valentine week and is celebrated worldwide on 8th Feb

How to propose a girl on propose day?

Just plan propose day that how you will tell her
1. Plan your location.
2. Plan the gift.
3. Plan the words which you will say to impress her and to tell her your feelings.

Proposal lines for propose day

1. When I was a child I been taught that  that a girl will come in my life who will change me Andy life. One is my mother who gave me live. And the other is you who changed my life completely. I am a new person since I met you.  I love you. Happy propose day!

2. When I eat I think of you.
      When I sleep I dream of you.
         When I walk you, you walk with me.
              When I see you,  you spin my head in good mood.
                  I love you. Happy propose day!

3. I heard that if there is a will there is a way,
     You are my will and be my way.
      I love you baby.  Happy propose day!

4. May be you will not like Me.
     But I bet you can't even hate me.
    I love you. Just be my love for forever.
   Happy propose day.

5. On this propose day, I want to tell my rose, my teddy,my chocolate, my friend, my best friend. That this all is you for me. Just say yes! I really love you. Happy propose day!

6. If you ever find stuck in the mid of sea
   I will sail the world to find you.
    If you ever find yourself in the dark you can see
     I will be the light to guide you.
    You can count on me. I will be there for you forever.
    I love you.
   Happy propose day!

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Propose day lines in hindi Bollywood style

1. Tum jo aaye jindgi me bat ban gayi
    Ishq mazhab or meri zaat ban gayi
    I love you.

2. Meri duniya hai tujhme kahin
   Tere bin mai kya kuch bhi nai
   Teri jaan me meri jaan hai oh saathi mere.
  I love you! Happy propose day.

3. Tere bina jiya jaye na
     Tere bina jiya jaye na
     Bin tere tere bin sajna sans me sans aaye na
   I love you. Happy rose day.

4. Tu jo mila asan huyi mushkil
Kyuki tu dhadkan mai dil.
I love you. Happy propose day!

5. Ek tujhko hi Bus dekhkar
   Bhuli hai mujhko ye nazar
   Shayd tujhko nai hai khabar.
  Tu hai toh mai hun.
I love you. Happy propose day!

Guys, Hope you all like these all propose day special. Comment us your queries.
Happy propose day!


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