Thursday, 7 January 2016

Propose day sms, messages, msg, proposal msg

knock knock, propose day is here. So this day is finally here. So you all know how to propose your girl or boy in my previous article of happy propose day. I know you all wanting propose day sms, propose day messages, proposal msg. Don't worry about it friends I am here to help you here. 

Propose day sms, messages, msg, proposal msg

Propose sms or happy propose day sms can speak a lot without doing a lot efforts. Just suppose you got a proposal msg when you wake up. And you just opened your eyes. And you got a proposal msg from the person you expecting. You must will feel happy. And excited so you will return a proposal day msg sure as a reply. So how you will feel if you don't know what to say with your crush or you don't know what should reply. You must will feel bad and helpless because all you need is help that time. So why to worry friends I will tell you what to send and what to reply. There must be some different conditions and confusion what to reply and what to write to impress.

So I am sharing solutions here by telling propose day sms, propose day messages, proposal messages, happy rose day sms.

Propose day sms / happy propose day sms / proposal msg

1. I love you for not what you are, for what I become after you.
Happy propose day!<3 <3

2. I have a heart and that is true. But not now it has gone from me to you.
I love you.:-* @):- <3

3. Will you be my valentine??  I love you. <3 <3

4. Will l you be mine?? I love you.@):- @):- @):-

5. You are amazing just the way you are.<3 I love you

6. I wana grow old with you <3.  I love you.

Propose day messages / proposal messages / proposal day msg / propose day msg In Bollywood style

1. Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere asman or tum hi zameen ban gaye
I love you

2. Aaye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar banke
Mere dil me yun hi rehna tum pyar pyar banke
I love you!

3. Aankhon me teri ajab si Ajab si adaye hai
Dil ko Bana de jo patang saanse teri vo haaye hai
I love you

4. Tere mast mast do nain mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain, tere mast mast do nain.

5.  Tu mile dil khile or jeene ko kya chahiye
Na Ho tu udas tere pas pas mai rahuga zindagi bhar
Sare sansar ka pyar maine tujhi me paya
I love you

Propose day messages / proposal msg 

1. You and I will be together till the end of time I promise. I will be there for now and forever. I love you.

2. My heart beats faster when I think of you.  So be my pace maker for the rest of life. I love you.

3. You give me every reason to live. Your existence give me sudden smile.  I love you.

4. Would you cry if you saw me crying,
Would you come in my life and will never leave me.
Just become my life. I love you.

5. Knowing you made me feel that I know you from ages. I love you.
Guys hope you all like these propose messages and propose day sms. Comment us for your queries. 

Happy propose day.



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