Thursday, 7 January 2016

Propose day Whatsapp status for girlfriend in English and Hindi

Propose day, a very special day for lover. On this day Whatsapp lover need status propose day status for whatsapp. Some want propose status for whatsapp in English, on different part some wants propose day status for girlfriend, some wants happy propose day status for their friends and some of us wants propose status whatsapp in hindi. Some people just want propose day status for whatsapp so just they can upload and can stay updated.  But yes according to the need of the person we want to update status on our whatsapp. 

propose day status

So all propose day status for whatsapp we try to find here and there. But I hope it would be best  if I share all the need status at one place.

So guys I am sharing Propose day status for whatsapp, propose status for whatsapp  in English, propose day status for girlfriend, happy propose day status, propose day status, propose status for whatsapp in hindi, for you all so that you feel no difficulty in finding them and you will find all in my collection.

Propose day status for whatsapp / propose status for whatsapp in English / happy propose day status / propose day status for girlfriend

1. 1234 get on the dance floor, we will dance together. Happy forever.
2.  Life is beautiful when spent with you.
3.  I miss you. I love you. I will be happy if you will say yes.
4.  My life is yours from now on. Just make it beautiful by coming in my life.
5.  I promise I will keep you happy ever and forever.
6.  Say yes you love me too, we will grow old together. I will love you until I get gray hair.
7.  I am alive and thankful to you. Because when I see you my heart run faster then ever.
8. Life is beautiful if it's with you.
9. You are my reason of smile.  Just be mine we will smile together.
10. Oh!  Girl you are the reason to believe that God loves me. Cause he made you  just for me.

Propose status for whatsapp in hindi / propose day status

1.  Tere liye mai ghar chor du, tu kahe toh ye chand laadu,
     Tu kahe toh hasu, tu kahe toh rou.
     Bus itna hai tumse kehna.

2.  Maine ek ghar banaya hai tere liye apne dil me..
     Tu jaldi aa mai intezar kar ra hu..

3.  Tu mere Hontho par phool ki tarah..
     Meri aankhon me barish ki tarah..
     Ab ajao meri zindagi me ek khwaab ki tarah..

4. Tera chehra hai chandani jaisa..
    Jee kare Bus ise dekh kar zindgi guzar du..

5. Aap ke aane ke bad humari zindagi humari nai rai..  Jabse aap humari zindagie aaye

6. Dil ajkal meri sunta nai..Ye teri hi karta hai batien.. Ye teri hi karta duaye.. Kya tum ho vahi..

7. Keh do ki tum mere dil me rahoge..
    Keh do ki tum mere hi rahoge..
    So guys hope you all liked these status. Do comment us for queries.
    Happy propose day!

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